Our services include technology (a suite of applications offered as SAAS) and human resources (order processing, marketplace support and customer service offered as PAAS). Additionally we offer marketplace consulting services and our ClearPath™ practice builder. Our services vary depending on the plan you choose. For additional details please visit our Products and Services section.
Yes we do. Our customer service includes emails, order correspondence, returns and exception support. Typically our customer service does not include live phone support for your marketplace store. Customer service is a part of our higher end plans.
OneDrop is our “account-less”, setup-free inventory offering which allows you access to up to millions of items at competitive prices. It’s a great way to get started with drop-ship inventory! And it includes our steeply discounted shipping rates we pass on to you.
ClearPath™ is our revolutionary approach to help anyone build a profitable, robust, and fully operational online marketplace practice. Under ClearPath™ we provide 100% of all the technology, infrastructure, human resources and expertise and build you online marketplace practice for you. At a specific point we transfer it over to you (including key employees we hired and trained for you) a stable, profitable running business. To find out more about ClearPath™ click here.
You use ClearPath™ like you would if you were to completely outsource a business unit. We will execute and build and manage it all for you. 100% of all aspects are executed by us leveraging our technology, infrastructure, resources and business model. At any time, you can assume control and we transfer it all (or part) to you. To find out more about ClearPath™ click here.
Yes, depending on plan tier. Our MarketplaceBridge offering covers appeals of store suspension or loss of buy box or category privilege. Please browse our plans here.
Yes! We support integration for a specific number of vendors per year, based on your service plan tier. Please browse the feature comparison here.
Yes we can! Part of the service provided with every MPLogix service plan is the training necessary to successfully use our services and succeed on the marketplace by leveraging drop-shipping! And if you opt to use ClearPath™ we do it all for you.

Business activity management (BAM), also called business activity monitoring, is the use of technology to proactively define and analyze critical opportunities and risks in an enterprise to maximize profitability and optimize efficiency. The BAM paradigm can be used to evaluate external as well as internal factors.

An example of the use of BAM in risk management is the monitoring of credit card transactions to prevent fraud. If a large cash advance is charged to a credit card uncharacteristic of the normal behavior of the credit card holder, a bank security officer can call that person on the telephone and verify that the transaction was intended. Another example of suspicious behavior is the repeated withdrawal of cash at or near the allowable maximum from an automated teller machine (ATM) at frequent intervals.

BAM can be used to forecast events such as interest rates, stock prices, fuel prices and even the outcomes of political elections and to determine how specific changes might affect the way an enterprise should be managed. For example, the prospect of an angry public electing legislators who favor price controls might motivate energy suppliers to keep retail prices down in the short term.

Business activity management provides you with a unique yet most critical element for a successful online marketplace store. It has the ability to sense potential issues (many with catastrophic consequences) and in most instances mitigate these through real-time proactive actions.
Correct application of Business activity management can single handedly catapult you to become top seller for long time.


No matter how big or small you are, we can assist you with your growth and success online. In fact our ClearPath™ offering and our OneDrop™ service can take a new store and in a short time have you list hundreds of thousands of items and on a solid path to success.
Our features and pricing are located here. Our setup fees start at $5,000 and our Booster plan starts at $4,000 a month.
Yes! Whether you want to sell in your home country or wish to have a presence on US or other marketplaces, we can assist you with locating and integrating vendors and marketplaces that will work with your goals in mind. Our OneDrop™ is another option for outside of the US sellers to be able to sell on US based marketplaces.
If you want to use 3rd party shipping and do not use OneDrop™ you will need your own UPS or FedEx account. However, you can leverage our negotiated high-volume shipping rates for both UPS and FedEx in order to lower your shipping expenses and achieve more competitive pricing!
No! With our unique OneDrop™ offering, you can choose from a pool of drop-ship distributor products available at competitive prices, all fulfilled through our own account. You can always open accounts at your leisure with any of the drop-shippers you wish. You also can mix the use of your own drop-shippers with our OneDrop™ offering.
OmniBridge™ is an enterprise solution. It requires a detailed setup and configuration per client. It includes existing data migrations, initial drop-ship vendor integration, shipping carrier integration and a complete store setup. Other solution providers that do offer only a small fraction of our services, charge you for every drop-shipper integration, shipping carrier integration and monthly maintenance for these as well.
Initial setup includes one-on-one consultation directly with our CEO, your very own database backend setup and integration with all OmniBridge™ products and services, and complete integration with as many marketplaces, vendors, and shippers as are allowed based on your service plan level. Please see our plan features comparison here.
Depending on your plan chosen, you may experience little to no growth in the required overhead for store management. We provide all employees, systems, office space, and stock required for your growth. The only exception is if you require customer support personnel for live phone support, as that is client-managed for most service plans. Since we leverage drop-shipping you will not need any investments involved in taking possession of stock.
Absolutely not! We do not require a long-term contract. If at any time you wish to no longer retain our services, we simply require 30 days’ notice.

Customer Support

We can be reached via email at hello@mplogix.com or via telephone at (800) 983-1393 during normal office hours. Depending on your plan tier, you may also qualify for an individual account manager and 24/7 customer service.
We have a technical support ticketing system and email address available during normal office hours for all customers. In addition, certain plan tiers will qualify for 24/7 technical support. Furthermore, emergency support is available on an hourly basis if required by all clients of MPLogix.
Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM Pacific, excluding major holidays. If your plan provides you with a 24/7 support, you will be given specific phone number and portal access to reach us.
Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM Pacific, excluding major holidays.
Emergency support is available either as an add-on package, as part of a plan tier, or on an hourly-billed basis if not arranged beforehand. Please contact us for details.
Your monthly fee includes unlimited business-hour customer support, as well as ticketed technical support. Depending on your plan tier, you may also qualify for additional support options. Please see plan features here.

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